Products and Services


CSIndex Computer Core Content Collection is based on the core journals and top-level conference catalogues included in CCF (China Computer Federation) recommendation catalogues. The database contains 339 conference sources and 263 journal sources, with a total of 1 million document data. The daily update data provides publication metadata for each record and full-text download link, and it also provides core content integration for teachers and students of computer, software engineering, artificial intelligence and other ICT disciplines.

Global Research Report

The Global Research Report database provides research materials and references for teachers and students in social sciences and humanities, and provides materials to support relevant scientific research. The database contains more than 350,000 high-quality research reports from more than 1,000 think tanks, more than 4,000 overseas listed companies and more than 60 domestic securities firms. The database covers following areas: economic research, politics, education policy, culture, commerce, enterprise management, finance, financial accounting, international trade, geo-development, national strategy, national defense, military affairs, industry research, and also includes annual report of listed enterprises.

Data Profiling Service

Data Profiling Service (DFS) is a core service provided by SciData. In modern universities, there’s a growing demand to efficiently govern many data types across university departments, serving research and administration needs. We utilizes modern AI technology such as text mining and machine learning to profile the data with structured annotation so that 80% of the data are automatically profiled into individual scholar level and then our professional data curators conduct manual profiling to maximize the accuracy to more than 95%. By using DFS, the researchers and administrators may save up to 90% of their time in profiling these data.


DSpace-CRIS consists of a data model describing objects of interest to Research and Development and a set of tools to manage the data. Standard DSpace is used to deal with publications and data sets, whereas DSpace-CRIS involves other CRIS entities: Researcher Pages, Projects, Organization Units and Second Level Dynamic Objects (single entities specialized by a profile, such as Journal, Prize, Event etc; because any profile can define its own set of properties and nested objects). We can provide specialist technical support of Dspace-CRIS. Moreover, we optimize the processes and add novel functions which combine with our Data Profiling Service. This can help with interoperability and compatibility largely.

We commit to providing better scientific research data services for academic customers through data intelligence technology. Based on machine learning, semantic retrieval, automatic indexing, knowledge mapping, subject model, visualization, link parsing, open access full text , machine automatic translation and other technologies, we provides users with CSIndex, Global Research Report Database, Data Profiling Service, DSpace-CRIS and other data services.